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Crush Online Quit Smoking Course 

Quit Smoking by yourself can be hard.  We have the solution.  Our Crush online course can help you to quit smoking in a few hours. Yup, just a few hours and you can be a non-smoker. These online videos help you with your doubts, fears, and cravings. Learning how to live without cigarettes is just some of the things you will learn.  Using hypnosis to change your mindset is the way to make it all stick.

You will be able to watch the recorded session anytime, use the handouts to keep you motivated, and listen to the hypnosis recording (not while driving) to reinforce your new methods and make you feel great! Stronger and more Confident, that will be you!

The online course is available at your convenience, so set the time aside for you to be successful and Quit Smoking For GOOD!

Sign up today and let’s make this happen!


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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Courses and Books

  • Crush Quit Smoking Online Course


    Crush Quit Smoking Online Course

    You have tried everything and still can’t quit.

    You’ve heard about using hypnosis to help you quit smoking, but you are afraid, so you never tried it.  But things are not getting any better and you really need to quit smoking.

    This course does it step by step!

    You get 30 videos that show you how to stop the cravings, the stress and to be in control of your emotions. The best part is that video and recording has the all the words and techniques and tips written out for you to look at and review before you use it.  This way there are no surprises, no secrets and you know exactly what is being said, so there is no fear any longer.

    You have NOTHING TO LOSE…except cigarettes!

  • Easy Way to Quit Smoking


    Easy Way to Quit Smoking

    Do you want to stop smoking?

    Are you afraid to quit smoking again and fail?  Have you tried patches, pills and other things and nothing has worked?

    • Do the cravings make you crazy?
    • Are you scared to try the new drugs to quit?
    • Ready to quit for good- no cravings, no withdrawals and no weight gain?

    Your health is important. If you feel ready to quit smoking but can’t seem to break the addiction then Easy Way to Quit Smoking is for you.

    Using the power of hypnosis, this 3 part series will help you retrain your brain and develop the skills you need to stop smoking and stay smoke free!

    As a former smoker, I understand how powerful the cravings can be and the fear of failing at quitting. I also know how good it feels to finally be free of this addiction- Let me help you get there!


    With Our Easy Way program – You get three MP3 recordings.

    • The first session is designed to be completed at night. As you move through the session you’ll begin to see that the changes you are making are made with ease and you will wake up feeling confident and in control.
    • The second session will boost your confidence and help you stay strong as you go through the upsand downs of your everyday life.
    • The third session focuses on exercise and movement as a way to continue to improve your health.These sessions will give you the power to quit smoking forever!
  • Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight Book on Amazon


    Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight Book on Amazon

    Are you ready to quit smoking? Don’t know how to deal with the cravings? You don’t want to spend a lot of money trying. Have you wanted to quit smoking but were afraid of gaining weight? Are you ready to quit without using drugs or e-cigarettes? Kathy Lindert’s book will show you how to change your thoughts and your behaviors to quit smoking for life and not use food as a substitute. Kathy teaches you great tips and techniques so you can visualize, hypnotize and Quit Smoking at your own pace. You will learn to take control of the old habits and not allow the cigarette companies to own you. The best part is, this book costs less than a pack of cigarettes and can help you save your life. Kathy Lindert has helped thousands of people stop smoking and now has put it in a book to help you to stop smoking as well. Quitting is not hard, it’s your habits and thoughts that need to change. This book will show you new ways to handle everyday life without a cigarette. Stop giving your money to the big corporations that make cigarettes and save your life and your money too. Kathy Lindert quit smoking in 1987 and never went back using many of these techniques. If she can quit, you can too! You will also be able to download a free MP3, recorded by Kathy Lindert, to help you Quit Smoking.


Weight Loss with Hypnosis Courses

  • Weight loss for YOU in 2023


    Weight loss for YOU in 2023

    No Refunds after the first week in the workshop.

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  • 8 Weeks to a Better You Weight loss program

    8 Weeks Weight Loss Program


    8 Weeks Weight Loss Program

    8 Weeks to a Better you has been helping women just like to you get rid of the weight, feel good about the choices they make about food and to stop the emotional eating.  If you are tired of not getting the results you want, it could be because of your thoughts and your habits.  This program shows you how to stop the negative thinking, the old habits and to start rethinking and retraining your brain to stop looking to food to help you out, instead you will have new tricks, thoughts, new ways to handle life differently and be proud that you are choosing to change.

    During this difficult time dealing with the virus, I have decided to cut my price down to cover my costs and help you get the help you need.

    Thank you and God Bless us all.

    – Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

    Get Ready to Have the Best Year of Your Life!

    Are you are ready to lose the weight for good and improve your overall health?  You have tried all the other diets, but the one thing that you did not do is change your mindset.  You would stick to the plan, or you didn’t because it was too complicated.  Once you were done, the weight came back on.  You did not learn how to change your thoughts or your old habits.  Not only that, you did not make your health and mental well being a priority.  You are important, your health is important.  It is now time to show yourself you mean it!

    This 8-week course will teach you how to eat right, live right and make the best life for you now and for the rest of your life.

    What’s included in the 8-week plan?

    First session: Learning that food is fuel. It is not your friend, not your companion.  I show you how to start fueling your body.  Not allowing the stress, tension, boredom, happiness or whatever your excuse is to eat.  You wouldn’t try to run your car on soda? Why would you put something harmful into your own body? Together we will go over ways to start listening to your body and knowing what it really needs.  I teach you to be your own best friend for life.  Why?  Who else is going to take care of you?

    Second session: Learn about stopping the cravings.  Whether it is chocolate, cookies, cakes, pasta, bread, chips, salty things, cheeses, or ice cream.  You are going to learn a few quick tricks to stop those cravings and thinking that you “need it”.  You will learn that a treat is a treat, it is not a meal, it is not meant to fill you up, it is there as a treat.

    Third session: Stopping the cycle of self-sabotaging. We’ve all done it. Things are going great and then “bang” something throws us off course just a little and we go right back to those old ways of dealing with life.  You will learn how the past is not going to define your future.  Those old stories won’t be part of your life any longer.  I will show you how to get rid of them, for good.  You will be the only one that can stop this from happening. We will make sure you are ready.

    Fourth session: Forgiveness.  Once we get rid of the past, we have to forgive ourselves or others that have hurt us, either unintentionally or intentionally. Why allow yourself to be held hostage over something that no longer matters.  Or why allow someone to still pull your strings?  Is it worth it?  Are they that important?  Was it so long ago that they don’t even remember?  Let’s get rid of those old hurts and make room for new wonderful ways of living.

    Fifth session: Being confident.  You are amazing.  Now we get you to believe it. You will believe.

    Sixth session: Sleeping and how important it is to not only nourish your body and mind but to allow it to heal, to rest and to renew.  You will learn how to turn off the thoughts and sleep.

    Seventh session: Preparing for the future.  How will you handle parties, stress, work, etc?

    Eighth session: Putting it all together.  Finally realizing you’ve got this!  Seeing the changes not only in your physical shape but mentally too.  How much better you feel about who you are and really living life knowing you are in the driver’s seat.  That it is okay to let go sometimes. But then you take back the steering wheel and drive!

    Become part of the women’s tribe support group: Now you become part of the tribe of women just like you to help you continue to succeed, handle the stress, holidays, kids, and whatever triggers you to want to say “I need food to get through this” and not go back down that dark hole of despair.  You will get help and support from the others that have been there, and you continue to get weekly videos and updates from me to keep you going strong.  This is not a one and done, this is a journey for the long haul and you will see it through.

    Your bonuses!

    • Quick and easy recipes, helping you to prepare foods ahead of time (my one-dish wonders).
    • Our vitamin expert, why you need vitamins, what they can do for your health and well being.
    • Exercise, what types are out there.  Yoga, weights, walking, hiking, riding your bike, swimming, and much more.
    • Some of my favorite doctors will discuss your body, metabolism and women’s health.
    • Awesome guest speakers that will help you with your journey no matter what shape or phase you are in with your weight loss journey.
    • Beautiful and printable handouts to have with you to keep you going strong.
    • I usually sneak in other cool things for you to use to help you feel strong and in control.

    You will be able to read, watch, or listen to the information for each topic, so you will always have the information readily available for your use.

    Each session has a recording to help you re-enforce how you are now going to act, react and handle life.  You can download these onto your computer to listen to any time you need a boost. You get all this for as long as you are a member in good standing.  No extra cost, just a great plan and lots of support, guidance, and information to help you succeed. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

  • Excel for Life


    Excel for Life

    This program helps you to get over those blocks or excuses that sabotage your goals so you can excel and transform your body for life!

    The first recording is an evening recording to get your mind and body ready to transform and keep on that feeling of being in control of your life. While listening to the recording, your mind starts to establish new ways that you will act and react around food, feeling satisfied and content with just the right amount to get you through the day. The day time motivator helps you to continue to stay motivated and happy. The exercise recording keeps you “pumped” to exercise and start to see the results happening even faster than before.

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  • Staying on Track


    Staying on Track

    If you have the knowledge that you need to make healthy food choices but have lost your motivation and feel that you are at risk for falling back into old habits, then Staying on Track is for you.

    Using the power of hypnosis, this 3 part series will give you the inspiration you need to stay committed to your goals.

    The first session focuses on revisiting your goals and re-committing yourself to getting “back on track”.

    The second session focuses on reprogramming your brain and body to ensure that you don’t fall back into old habits.

    The third session is your daily motivator, which will inspire you to get your body moving!

    This series will re-ignite your motivation so that you to stay on track and meet your goals!

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  • The Fresh Start


    The Fresh Start

    This program is for those who are beginning the process of losing the weight and need to rethink the way they use food on a daily basis.  Not using food as a friend, but the way it was intended to be, as a fuel.

    The food you put into your body impacts everything from how you sleep to what you weigh. If you’re just beginning to think about how you make food choices, or if you’ve been thinking about it for a long time and are ready take action, then The Fresh Start is for you.

    Using the power of hypnosis, this 3 part series will help you begin to reshape how you think about food, make healthy food choices and stay motivated.

    The first session is designed to be completed at night.  It will help you get excited about changing your outlook on food and help you learn how to make good choices.

    The second session is designed to be done during the day as reinforcement to “kick start” you when you’re feeling discouraged.

    The third session can be completed daily and serves as a motivator that will get you excited about moving your body.

    You’ll finish this series feeling strong, confident and ready to tackle the world!

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Sleep Easy with Hypnosis Courses

  • Sleep Easy Tonight


    Sleep Easy Tonight

    Designed specifically to help you regain your sleep and get your life back!

    Due to the uncertain times we are facing, it is more important for you to get a good nights sleep.  We are making this product at a reasonable cost while still being able to cover our costs.  We are now making this available for $12.50.

    God Bless you and have a good night’s sleep.

    – Kathy Lindert, your favorite hypnotist

    A lack of sleep can impact every facet of your life. If you’re ready to be well rested and excited to face the day each morning, then Sleep Easy Tonight is for you.

    Whether you struggle with powering down after a long day, tossing and turning before you fall asleep or waking up throughout the night, this session will help you get the rest you need. Sleep Easy Tonight uses the power of hypnosis to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long!


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