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Last week, showed you how to use “possibility thinking” and was asked a great question.

The question was, ” I want to do this, but my past thoughts keep on holding me back. How do I get rid of them”?

So while I was gardening, I remembered the question and thought, this is a perfect metaphor – I always tell my clients that we are going to RIP OUT the old poisonous plants and use a flame thrower to burn the roots, weeds and seeds, let me show you how to so this while I am gardening.

If you continue to water, fertilize and give your weeds sunshine, you are allowing those plants to flourish. Let’s RIP THEM OUT!

Here is an example rip out those weeds


When you decide to get to the root cause, rip it out, and plant new seeds, you are using possibility thinking. How? You are opening your mind to new and wonderful thoughts.

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