Let’s throw out those cigarettes and take back control of your life!

I teach smokers how to become permanent non-smokers with ZERO cravings, all in ONE SESSION.  Without gaining weight!


Finally, a natural way to breathe easier, smell better, and dramatically improve your health.

Hypnosis Can Help You Stop Smoking in just a FEW HOURS.  Yes, it can! 

What You Get When You Sign up for Group Quit Smoking Sessions.  

  • I teach you how to let go of your cravings, fears and triggers. I used to smoke, and I know that each smoker has triggers that are pretty common, but also unique to you. 
  • Learn to crush those triggers, by using new methods to get out of your old habits and more confident and in control.  You will leave cigarettes and your old habits behind  and move forward today, not waiting for tomorrow, because how many times have you said, “tomorrow I will quit” and you never did. 
  • You will not be on your own any more.  Together, we will do this.  You have the option to be in a group of others, just like you that just need that extra help, that support to know you got this.  You are not alone in your journey to quit smoking and that is so important to know you will have others that will be there to support and cheer you on.
  • A Nationally respected Hypnotist that has an impeccable and professional reputation throughout the USA. I am known as  “Your Favorite Hypnotist”.  I am also Certified in Hypnosis Training by the National Guild of Hypnotists.
Quit Smoking for the Last Time using Hypnosis

   Stop Smoking and Discover:

  • My Cravings Crushers and Mental Strengthening methods will help you discover how you can release the cravings, and stress associated with giving up your unwanted habit that is not a part of you any longer.  Change your thinking and quit today, not waiting for the tomorrow.  
  • Willpower is not the answer, if it was, you would already be a non-smoker.  Learn methods that change your mindset and the physical feelings of missing the cigarettes.
  • You will learn how to use simple, quick and easy behaviors that will make you realize, you got this!  Your trained your body and mind to believe smoking would fulfill those missing pieces, helping you throughout the day. That is not the truth.  Instead, you will learn how to replace those beliefs with good healthy habits and you will not replace cigarettes for food, or another bad habit.
  • You will finally understand that cigarettes are not your friend and how you will be your friend that has your back.
  • Your language will make you or break you.  You will use your Power Words and feel the difference in your mind and body.  You will also have a list of failure words that you will not use to describe yourself ever again.
  • When around others who smoke, you can still maintain success by using simple little methods.  You will be amazed how quickly they work! With over 18 years of experience helping people just like you, I have countless hours of training and experience, plus I used hypnosis to quit smoking as well.  I GET IT! .
  • You will receive a downloadable workbook (Valued at $25.00)
  • A gift of tools that will be mailed to you in time for the group sessions. (Valued at $50.00)
  • You will also receive my E-book (sold on Amazon) handouts and audio recordings to use for daytime and evening to help reinforce your new beliefs. (Valued at $97.00)
  • A Pre-recorded Weight Loss Hypnosis Session to help you not gain weight (Valued at $97.00) 
  • You will be able to use the recordings, audios for as long as you need it.  This will be yours to watch anytime you need it.  
  • You will also get the maintenance program for one month free as part of my commitment to your success! (Valued at $17.00)
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
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Apply Now – Let’s Do This Together! Stop Putting It off! 

 Here’s What’s Going to Happen in FEW HOURS when you quit.

Reframing your old mindset and emotions

  • Your why? Why do you want to quit?
  • Why cigarettes really are not your friend.
  • Your emotional attachment to cigarettes.
  • Your conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Your commitment to yourself and this program.

Your language – How it makes you or breaks you

  • How your language can hold you back from succeeding.

Your Habits and Triggers

  • How you will be changing them.
  • Combining your language with your new habits so you not only feel the difference, you are different.

Doubts and Fears

  • Still have doubts and fears?  Let’s deal with them.
  • What is tapping and how it can help you.

Making cigarettes GROSS and Your Hypnosis

  • Let’s show you what is really in those cigarettes.
  • Hypnosis Session


  • Handouts/Daytime recordings/Hypnosis recording

Special Gift for early registration:

  • Keeping the Weight Off – Pre-recorded Hypnosis Session

Maintenance Program Community

You become part of a community that will not only help you deal with everyday situations, and are there (almost) all times of the day and night.

Think of it as your maintenance program.

You maintain your car, your house, your lawn, pretty much everything has some kind of maintenance program that you use to keep things running smoothly.

What about you?  When you quit smoking, you feel great, then life happens.

Since some of these situations have always included a “cigarette” and now that you don’t smoke, let’s not fall back on those bad habits, and don’t believe that old statement “it’s only one! I can quit again tomorrow!”  No, it just doesn’t happen that way.  Never has and never will.

What about when you are drinking too much, and you say, just a puff, that’s all I need. The next thing you know is you’re buying a pack.  Don’t fall for these lies that you tell yourself.

That’s why you have your maintenance program.

When you know, you are going to go out with other smokers and you need that boost, we are here.

When you are having company and the stress of it all is making you think, just one cigarette.

When you just need to vent and don’t want anyone to know how you are feeling, we are here!

Ready Now? Let’s Do This! Fill out an Application and we will let you know what dates we have opened for the Group Session.  Or call Kathy to schedule a private session. 

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A Word from My Clients

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You ARE Ready Now – Let’s Do This!