Private Weight Loss Session

Work with Kathy Lindert, One on One, and Lose Your Unwanted Weight for Good with Hypnosis!

What You Get When You Sign up for the One-on-One Private Session

This is not a regular weight loss course. Yes, we go over your eating, and triggers and bad habits, but I do not give you a diet. No, I do something so much better, I give you back your control. I show you how to handle stress without eating, boredom, anger or things left on the kids’ plate are not going to be reasons why you eat.

Instead, you will learn to fuel your body, that food is a fuel, and you only need so much and nothing more.

That a treat is a treat, and you can have your cake and alcohol too, just not enormous amounts that make you feel sick after you are done.

Together, we give you back your control, confidence and stop letting your past determine your future. You are now going to be determining what you want and how you are going to get it.

With your private sessions, weight loss is never a one and done. Depending on the amount you want to get rid of, will determine the number of sessions you will need.

Want more information? Please feel free to email Kathy at or call or text her at 704-769-3400.


$450 for 2 Hour Private session –
1 Hour follow-up session is $225/Hour

Quit Smoking for the Last Time using Hypnosis

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