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Are you ready to quit smoking? Don’t know how to deal with the cravings? You don’t want to spend a lot of money trying. Have you wanted to quit smoking but were afraid of gaining weight? Are you ready to quit without using drugs or e-cigarettes? Kathy Lindert’s book will show you how to change your thoughts and your behaviors to quit smoking for life and not use food as a substitute. Kathy teaches you great tips and techniques so you can visualize, hypnotize and Quit Smoking at your own pace. You will learn to take control of the old habits and not allow the cigarette companies to own you. The best part is, this book costs less than a pack of cigarettes and can help you save your life. Kathy Lindert has helped thousands of people stop smoking and now has put it in a book to help you to stop smoking as well. Quitting is not hard, it’s your habits and thoughts that need to change. This book will show you new ways to handle everyday life without a cigarette. Stop giving your money to the big corporations that make cigarettes and save your life and your money too. Kathy Lindert quit smoking in 1987 and never went back using many of these techniques. If she can quit, you can too! You will also be able to download a free MP3, recorded by Kathy Lindert, to help you Quit Smoking.

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  • Quit Smoking and Stay a Non-Smoker


    Quit Smoking and Stay a Non-Smoker

    You have tried everything and still can’t quit.

    You’ve heard about using hypnosis to help you quit smoking, but you are afraid, so you never tried it.  But things are not getting any better and you really need to quit smoking.

    This course does it step by step!

    You get 30 videos that show you how to stop the cravings, the stress and to be in control of your emotions. The best part is that video and recording has the all the words and techniques and tips written out for you to look at and review before you use it.  This way there are no surprises, no secrets and you know exactly what is being said, so there is no fear any longer.

    You have NOTHING TO LOSE…except cigarettes!