For Anyone Who Wants To Quit Smoking Without Cravings or Withdrawals…

How Over 7000 Lifelong Smokers Quit Smoking For Life Using These Simple 60 Second Subconscious Craving Killers

Without any withdrawals or cravings (even over coffee or your favorite drink), putting on extra pounds or the constant worry of not being able to handle the stress and anxiety from quitting

From Life Long Chainsmoker to Being Completely Smoke Free


When Eva came to me, I was my last resort.

For over 20 years, Eva couldn’t put down her cigarettes even if her life depended on it!

Like 99% of my clients, she had “tried everything”.

Patches, gum, hypnosis, pills…

…you name it, she tried it all and nothing stuck.

She Was Smoking 2 Packs a Day To Calm Her Stress

Anytime she tried to quit in the past, she replaced her cravings with junk food.

Which meant she had to choose either putting on weight, or smoking.

It wasn’t until she started having serious problems breathing that she decided enough is enough.

When she entered my office, we got to work right away…

I helped her move through a series of exercises to remove her cravings when she would drink her coffee, drive to work, go to a restaurant or have a meal.

I then gave her 5 simple exercises she could use whenever she felt a craving to smoke.

The result?

Quit Smoking for the Last Time using Hypnosis

After Two Sessions With Kathy, I Never Smoked Again!

Even though her husband was a regular smoker, she didn’t have a single craving after using these simple exercises.

Eva’s now been completely smoke-free for over a decade while being in the best shape of her life.

She no longer craves any cigarettes no matter what stresses she encounters.

I’ve now helped over 7000 throughout the past 19 years quit smoking without becoming a victim to their cravings.

What I’ve discovered is 5 simple subconscious rewiring exercises that almost instantly break the old cravings and mental dependency on cigarettes.

They do this by rewiring your body’s internal neural pathways that say “You have to smoke”.

By breaking the neural pathway, you create a new way to do the things you love without cigarettes.

They’re simple, can be used anywhere (even if you’re driving) and some take only a few seconds to start seeing changes.

Now to help you quit for good, I put them all together to help you live a healthy, rich life in 2024 and beyond.



Quit Without Cravings

Method #1: 60 Second Craving Killer

Method #2: Smoke Without Smoking

Method #3: Three Finger Technique

Method #4: Reverse Breathing

Method #5: Subconscious Power Words

Bonus #1: $500,000 Richer

Bonus #2: Turn Cigarettes Into Your Worst Enemy 

Bonus #3: Instant Relaxation Method 

Just $27

Try Quit Without Cravings for Just $27

Quit or your money back >>

If You Want to Hear The Full Story Here’s…

How I’ve Helped Over 7000 Lifelong Smokers Quit For Good Using Simple, Short 60 Second Subconscious Craving Killers


If you’ve tried to quit smoking several times over the years without success…

Tried it all from patches, gum and going cold turkey only to light up the next time you’re having a drink.

Know you’re not alone.

On this page, I’m going to show you how I discovered my time tested and proven craving killing exercises.

You won’t believe me now…

But when you try, you’ll see that these exercises remove cravings entirely in as little as 60 seconds.

Even if you’re coming home after a hard day of work where you feel like you DESERVE to have that smoke with a glass of wine.

When my clients use these exercises, they go through their entire day only to realize “wow, I haven’t smoked the entire day!”

While others tell me they have trust in themselves because they finally WON their biggest battle of all time.

But here’s the truth…

If You Want to Hear The Full Story Here’s…

You Don’t Have To Take Pills, Stick Gross Patches On Your Arm Or Chew Nicotine Gum to Easily Quit Smoking Without Constant Cravings


If you’re like the majority of clients you’ve probably already…

❌Tried going cold turkey more than once only to feel your whole body crave a smoke with morning coffee

❌Replaced cigarettes with gum or patches only to realize that cigarette companies are the #1 manufacturers of gum & patches (to keep people addicted and smoking)

❌Want to quit smoking on your own but you get the “f#ck it’s” and light up

And there’s a simple reason why none of these methods work for the vast majority of the 7000 clients I’ve personally worked with to quit smoking.

But here’s the hidden truth none of the tobacco companies want you to know about…

Smokers OBSESS Over Withdrawals and Cravings, But That’s Not What REALLY Keeps Them Smoking

If you’ve heard anything about quitting smoking, you’ve probably heard that it’s:

  1. Hard to Quit

However, this is not the truth.

It’s just what the cigarette companies WANT you to believe.

Because cigarette companies are not stupid.

Their goal is to keep you smoking and taking $4,690.25 out of your pocket every year.

Only to get you to spend an extra few thousand a year on smoking prevention like patches, gum, and other nonsmoking treatments.

I call this the “Greed Paradox”.

And it’s the reason why countless people can’t quit no matter how hard they try.

The odds are stacked against you from these companies and their billion dollar marketing budgets.


For example, did you know that cigarette companies own the vast majority of “quit smoking” prevention methods?

NRT's (Nicotine Reduction Therapy)




All are sold in partnership with billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies to keep you hooked.


Just think…


Or how hard it’s going to be to quit?

I bet you didn’t know that a pack of cigarettes only costs a measly 26 cents to make.

Meanwhile, they charge you $10-$20 for that pack! 💸💸💸💸

Which they hope you will pay until the day you die.☠️

With the hope that your kids will smoke after you continue their cycle.

But let’s not play their games by funding some rich CEO’s next yacht.

Instead, there’s a better way out by…

Quit Smoking WITHOUT
Cravings Or Withdrawals


We do this by reprogramming your neuropathways.

Because when you use these “Quit Without Craving” methods…

…you create new neural pathways that actually REJECT cigarettes in the subconscious mind.

It’s like ripping old weeds out of your subconscious mind and replacing them with healthy, vibrant plants

This is how I’m able to help lifelong smokers quit for life by using these simple Craving Killing Techniques.

Because once you rewire and reprogram the neural pathways that cause you to smoke (like having coffee = smoking)…

…it’s easy to quit without experiencing gut turning cravings.

Here’s exactly how it works…


Quit Without Cravings

Quit Smoking For Life Using These Simple 60-Second Subconscious Craving Killers

Method #1: 60 Second Craving Killer

Method #2: Smoke Without Smoking

Method #3: Three Finger Technique

Method #4: Reverse Breathing

Method #5: Subconscious Power Words

Bonus #1: $500,000 Richer

Bonus #2: Turn Cigarettes Into Your Worst Enemy 

Bonus #3: Instant Relaxation Method 

Just $27

Try Quit Without Cravings for Just $27

Quit or your money back >>

STEP #1:

Experience a Craving

You’re having a coffee, a drink or driving and feeling the craving as usual. Except instead of picking up a cigarette you…

STEP #2:

Use One Of 60 Second Craving Killers

These will instantly release the craving and create new neural pathways in the subconscious to not smoke

STEP #3:

Move On With Your Day

Without having a cigarette or craving the need to enjoy one

Yes, It’s That Simple!

Because I’ve found that anything complicated doesn’t work.

You don’t need a long 50+ step process…

…just use these rapid Craving Killer Exercises to instantly release the NEED to smoke.

This is how I’ve helped over 7000 clients quit smoking for good.

  • Save thousands of dollars every year
  • Feel amazing without smoking
  • Stop lying, sneaking and hiding
  • Not letting your children feel like they’re “second best”
  • Worry about your pets dying from secondhand smoke

Most importantly…

Having a new faith in yourself that you can do anything

Because once you quit, your faith in yourself is resorted.

Just follow the simple exercises and Quit Without Cravings.

Now, it’s your turn to be a non-smoker and leave the past behind…



Quit Without Cravings

Method #1: 60 Second Craving Killer

Method #2: Smoke Without Smoking

Method #3: Three Finger Technique

Method #4: Reverse Breathing

Method #5: Subconscious Power Words

Bonus #1: $500,000 Richer

Bonus #2: Turn Cigarettes Into Your Worst Enemy 

Bonus #3: Instant Relaxation Method 

Just $27

Try Quit Without Cravings for Just $27

Quit or your money back >>

I’ve Field Tested These Methods With Over 7000 People To Help Them Quit Smoking

Yes, this shit works! Here’s what they’ve experienced after using these exact methods…

Eva Is a Non-Smoker - Client Testimonial

Carol's Story on Quitting Smoking - Client Testimonial

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Kitty SullivanKitty Sullivan
22:23 19 May 22
I have smoked for 61 years..... The past 20 years I have tried SO many times and different ways to quit smoking......and failed.....BUT NOW I AM A NON SMOKER FOR 30 DAYS ON MAY 27TH !!!!!..... I really wish I had met Kathy at Mental Edge before this!!!! This was the best experience I've had in years and year's thank you Kathy.... You have the perfect talent and knowledge to help us thank you, thank you God-bless you for helping us 🙏❤
Asia pottsAsia potts
18:26 08 Apr 22
I enjoyed my session with Ms. Kathy. She is a true Gem. She is both Real and genuine. I appreciated that the most because its hard to find. She helped me break through many barriers. I will be returning for more sessions 🌺❤️
Tara McculloughTara Mccullough
00:08 02 Feb 22
I'm a 52 year old female. I've smoked since I was 13. I tried to stop several times on my own, failed. So when I saw what a wonderful job Mrs. Kathy has done with my sister in law I decided to give it a try and I'm so happy I did. It's like I've never smoked before. Please allow her to transform your mind into an non- smoker. She can do it. She performs miracles. I'm so grateful.
Chase FChase F
18:06 24 Jan 22
I finally decided it was to quit smoking this past summer. After almost 15 years as a smoker, I knew this would be all but an easy task. Never been hypnotized, but after doing some research I discovered it's an extremely effective method for driving change. After a bit more research I discovered Kathy was the best around, so I made an appointment. I recently hit 6 months without a cigarette and it weirds me out how easy it's been. The desire to smoke has simply disappeared, and my addiction has yet to rear it's ugly head since meeting with Kathy.The ability to change our ssubconscious beliefs is a life hack right under our noses that most of us continue to ignore. To be clear, I'm not the kind of person who just quits smoking with no issues, yet I quit smoking with no issues.I intend to see Kathy again in the future for help with other issues, and would absolutely recommend others to do the same!
Janelle HuskersonJanelle Huskerson
20:42 11 Dec 21
Working with Kathy was incredible! I’ve already referred her to several friends. We had 1 very powerful session together that healed my split-end picking about 75% and then I ended up cutting 14 inches off my hair and completely stopped looking now! I had been looking at & picking split ends basically every day for about 16 years so I feel sooo great to be free of that frustrating habit. It’s hard to put into words how free I feel. Kathy helped me get to the root of why I was picking and gave me a personalized recording to listen to every day that was really powerful and I think is half the value because autosuggestion is so effective. Thank you for all your help, Kathy. I really appreciate you!

Here’s Everything You Get When You Try Quit Without Cravings Today


60 Second Craving Killer

This is the one method that I constantly get emails & messages about how easy and effective it is to use.

It’s called the 60 Second Craving Killer and can help anyone stop a craving in just 60 seconds.

I’ll show you how it works, and how to use it for yourself to rapidly conquer cravings in seconds.

Best of all, you don’t need any tools or complex methods.

Just your hand.

And yes, you can do this while driving.

Next we’ve got…


Smoke Without Smoking

You’re craving a smoke…

Willing to KILL for one…

(I know the feeling).

But instead, you can use this simple method that make it FEEL like you’re smoking

Without actually smoking!

It works right away and you can even use anywhere, any time.

At work

🚗 In your car

🍽️ In a restaurant

😋 After a meal

☕ With a cup of coffee

🍾 Or even over a nice drink after work.

It works because it satisfies the hand and mouth craving.

So you don’t FEEL like you’re missing the physical sensation of holding a cigarette.

Just like thousands of my clients love it too!


Three Finger Technique

All it takes is three fingers.

This technique is designed to induce “Instant Calm”

Taking back control of your mind and body in mere seconds.



Subconscious Power Words

These words literally change the way your mind and body feel.

It’s the easy way to get out of a funk…

Stop feeling “tired” and sluggish through the day…

All the while rewiring your brain to achieve the things you want the most.

This goes for quitting smoking…

…going to the gym…

…or achieving (literally) anything your heart desires.

Once you use these simple Power Words, sit back and watch life unfold 10 shades brighter than before.

All Of These Methods:


✅Can be used anywhere, anytime without anyone knowing

✅Use nothing but your hands or a simple object

✅Alter cravings ANYWHERE (in bed, at work, driving, after meals)

✅Work even if you’ve tried and failed to quit in past

✅Don’t require hour long meditations or funky exercises


While Most Take a Mere Few SECONDS To Use and Release Cravings and Stress Almost Instantly

All because they work with the subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind.

But that’s not all…

To help you along your path, we’ve included 4 incredible bonuses to help you quit for good.

Bonus #1

$100,000 Richer

Did you know that smoking, patches, and nicotine relief products are taking an average of $100,000 away from your net worth?

Hard to believe, I know…

But just imagine what you could do with an extra $500,000 in your pocket.

⛴️250 week long vacations…

🏡Mortgage paid off

✂️💳Debt free

Once you use this tool, you’ll see just how much smoking a pack or two of cigarettes a week is really costing you.

Bonus #2:

Turn Cigarettes Into Your Worst Enemy

You may think you know what’s in cigarettes…

But I bet you don’t.

I’m going to make them the most disgusting thing you’ve ever experienced in your life.

For example, did you know that I’ve heard stories from tobacco day workers directly that cigarettes have semen residue?

And because the company just doesn’t care about you, you’ll be SHOCKED once you hear what’s inside your favorite pack.

I’ll show you real-life examples from past clients to make smoking the most disgusting thing you could do.

Worse than putting your head in a toilet.

Just be warned…you won’t want to smoke after this experience.

Bonus #3:

Instant Relaxation Method

This is a 3 minute audio program that will give you a tool to induce instant relaxation.

Use it whenever you feel stressed, have a craving or just need a break.

It’s a powerful tool that was only available for my private clients.

But to help you in those stressful moments, you can get it for free on this page only.

Now you may be tempted to try it out, but a little uncertain if this will actually work or not.
This is why I decided to do something bold and say…

QUIT Without Cravings Or Your Money Back!


Unlike PILLS, PATCHES, and GUM that cost you between $20 TO $50 A WEEK with no return policy…


I decided to put all your risk on me.

Here’s how it works…

Go through the short ZERO fluff or B.S videos…

And if you don’t find that the methods and tools help you quit without cravings…

…I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

I’ll even eat the payment processing fees out of my own pocket.

Just send a support ticket to and my team will get you taken care of.

Easier than returning a product on Amazon.

So why not try it out today?

You’ve got nothing to lose….

Only a new, healthier, wealthier, happier life to gain.

It all starts here…



Quit Without Cravings

Method #1: 60 Second Craving Killer

Method #2: Smoke Without Smoking

Method #3: Three Finger Technique

Method #4: Reverse Breathing

Method #5: Subconscious Power Words

Bonus #1: $500,000 Richer

Bonus #2: Turn Cigarettes Into Your Worst Enemy 

Bonus #3: Instant Relaxation Method 

Just $27

Try Quit Without Cravings for Just $27

Quit or your money back

Who Am I To Help You Quit Without Cravings?

Hey, Kathy here…

If you’re like my clients, you don’t want my own long, drawn out trial and tribulation origin story…

So let me give you the quick rundown of how I’ve helped over 7000 lifelong smokers quit smoking for good:

For 10 years I was a stock broker who lived for that daily smoke.

Nothing beats it to take all the stress away.

It wasn’t until I started getting sick twice a year and my husband (fiancee at the time) almost dumped me because his father died of leukemia.

It was either him, or cigarettes.

So I took a stand…

And decided to try one last time to quit smoking…

When I told my smoking buddies at work, they started taking bets on when I would fail as this wasn’t the first time.

But this time was different…

I needed to quit or else lose my husband.

So I began searching for a new way to quit as all the patches, cold turkey or plastic cigarettes just were not doing it.

Then, I came across hypnosis and began doing a daily self hypnosis at night.

Three nights later, I was done.

Didn’t even miss it.

And I haven’t smoked since.

A little while later, I decided to go full time into become a hypnotists when my son was diagnosed with OCD.

By using hypnosis, I was able to help him take control of his OCD while ending my own panic attacks.

Now I’ve gone on to help [over 7000 people and counting to quit smoking without endless cravings.

Which is why I created Quit Without Cravings.

To help smokers find a new way to quit.

And if you’re ready to get started right away, I invite you to…


Take My Virtual Hand and Let’s Quit Together


Today can mark an important milestone in your journey to be a non-smoker…

If you’re like my clients, you’ve tried it all to stop smoking once and for all…

Maybe even tried everything to quit before.

And I know that some of it may have worked a little.

But nothing worked long term.

Here’s the reality.

Time is so precious.

Which is why instead of giving you a bunch of theories…

I want to help you see results NOW.

That’s why I created Quit Without Cravings…

So you can…

🔵Live a healthier, happier, wealthier life

🔵Never rely on cigarettes to feel calm and at ease

🔵Stop filling your body with poison.



Quit Without Cravings

Method #1: 60 Second Craving Killer

Method #2: Smoke Without Smoking

Method #3: Three Finger Technique

Method #4: Reverse Breathing

Method #5: Subconscious Power Words

Bonus #1: $500,000 Richer

Bonus #2: Turn Cigarettes Into Your Worst Enemy 

Bonus #3: Instant Relaxation Method 

Just $27

Try Quit Without Cravings for Just $27

Quit or your money back >>

Here are a Few Answers to Common Questions I Get About Quit Without Cravings

How long will the program take?

The content takes a little over 2 hours to watch it from start to finish, and with the recordings, add (if you listen to them all in one sitting) another 45 minutes.

However, you can start using the first technique within 15-30 minutes (if you watch at 1.5X speed like I do)

What is your success rate?

We have over 85% success rate over a two year span.

What if I want to take a longer time to quit?

That is totally up to you. For you, your goal may be to start by simply smoking less. (I’m not here to judge). The exercises are here for you to use regardless if you want to quit for life, quit overtime, or simply cut the amount you smoke in half.

What if I start to gain weight?

The techniques are there to help you to not only quit smoking but to NOT use food as an alternative.  We have an option on the next page with a series of exercises to help you quit and lose weight at the same time. 

Is there a guarantee that this will work?

I can’t guarantee anything. But what I can guarantee is that if you actually go through the program and use the proven methods (that over 7000-lifetime smokers used to quit without cravings) you’ll be able to live your life without constantly craving a cigarette.And if you try it out yourself and don’t experience the same results, just ask me for a refund.I stand behind my work, no B.S

What should I expect after quitting?

Here’s what most of my clients experience:They get (a lot) richer when they realize they have way more money that they’re not spending on cigarettes they feel better Food tastes better Can walk up the stairs without breathing Family and friends cheer you on Life gets really good and you have a newfound trust in yourself that you can conquer the fucking world!

What about withdrawal symptoms?

Most people do not experience any symptoms because the exercises recreate neuro pathways in your brain. If someone is an extremely heavy smoker, they may experience a headache or upset stomach for 2 days tops. If that happens to you, take some Tylenol or even tea and water to help you flush out the toxins.

Can I do these techniques while driving?

Yes, just don’t be a moron, and don’t close your eyes.

What happens if I quit and I want a cigarette?

You go back to the lessons and use the techniques to help you stop your “mental habits” to smoke.

Try Quit Without Cravings for Just $27

Quit or your money back >>