The Fresh Start


This program is for those who are beginning the process of losing the weight and need to rethink the way they use food on a daily basis.  Not using food as a friend, but the way it was intended to be, as a fuel.

The food you put into your body impacts everything from how you sleep to what you weigh. If you’re just beginning to think about how you make food choices, or if you’ve been thinking about it for a long time and are ready take action, then The Fresh Start is for you.

Using the power of hypnosis, this 3 part series will help you begin to reshape how you think about food, make healthy food choices and stay motivated.

The first session is designed to be completed at night.  It will help you get excited about changing your outlook on food and help you learn how to make good choices.

The second session is designed to be done during the day as reinforcement to “kick start” you when you’re feeling discouraged.

The third session can be completed daily and serves as a motivator that will get you excited about moving your body.

You’ll finish this series feeling strong, confident and ready to tackle the world!

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This program contains 3 MP3’s to help you get the “Fresh Start” you need to lose the weight and stay motivated during the day too!

You get one hypnosis Fresh Start MP3 and a Daytime booster to keep you going.

As a bonus, you get a Exercise is Play Time for Adults MP3.