About Kathy, Certified Hypnotist

About Kathy

Kathy Lindert, an Advanced Certified Hypnotist has over 600 hours of training from the National Guild of Hypnotist and The School of Hypnosis in NJ. She has also been trained to train others the art of hypnosis, and has specialized training in Pediatric hypnosis as well as Pain Management with Hypnosis. Kathy was a licensed Mortgage Banker as well as a Stock Broker before training for hypnosis. Kathy loves what she does and is passionate about helping other to achieve their goals and dreams. Kathy feels honored to offer hypnosis to you or your loved ones.

Kathy’s Philosophy

Kathy’s ideal client is a person who is willing and ready to create profound change in their life. Kathy’s style is to balance her education, life experiences along with her intuition to help you get the most of each session. Kathy listens to your issues and helps each client feel safe, important and understood. Kathy’s gift is to not only find patterns in clients’ behaviors, but to also show them how their language and what they say to themselves, can help or hurt their success. Kathy is able to articulate back to her clients what she is hearing them tell her, and is able to show each client in a very meaningful way how to change for the better. Kathy teaches her clients ways to change and handle challenges with new tools and ways of thinking. Kathy assists clients in finding and meeting their own goals using new ways of speaking and handling life. She helps clients change negative thought patterns that are blocking them from feeling relaxed, confident, happy, and successful.

Through hypnosis, Kathy also uses Guided Meditation, Positive Suggestions, Childhood Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and other techniques to help you feel better, back in control and happier. Kathy assists clients with being confident, changing unwanted habits, weight loss, smoking cessation, letting go of fears, and anxious feelings, increasing self-esteem, and helping them create a happy and fulfilling life. She is honored to help those who are ready to let go of unwanted beliefs and habits and are ready to improve their lives. We work as a team, helping you achieve lasting results that will improve your life, health, career, relationships and other areas of your life.

Each Session you will receive a recording that is emailed to you, so you can reinforce the changes and have the ability to continue to work on your life each and every day.


Advanced Certified Hypnotist from The Hypnosis School of New Jersey
Certified Train the Trainer from the National Guild of Hypnotist.
Certified Pediatric Hypnosis – Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis
Certified Pain Management – Paincertification.com
Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.

Community Involvement

Board Member -Salvation Army of Charlotte

Teacher of Hypnosis

Dental Institute of New Jersey – Teaches Dentist and Dental Hygienist, Chiropractors and Massage Therapist Hypnosis to Calm the Anxious Patient, NLP and EFT for their CEU credits.