About Kathy, Certified Hypnotist

About Kathy

I quit smoking, stopped being afraid to drive over bridges and lost 20 lbs all with using my own special brand of hypnosis. If I can do it, you can too! I get you, I know what it is like. Let me show you how to move through the fear and live like you have never lived before, you deserve it!

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Imagine Your Life Like This

You have decided you are ready to change, that those old habits are just wearing you down, holding you back and you are tired, worn out and not happy. Probably not too healthy either with all this stuff you are holding onto.

Imagine you, a non-smoker and living a happier and healthier life.
Or, fitting into those jeans and not having to take medicine because of High Blood Pressure or cholesterol or whatever the case may be.

See yourself not being afraid, or even not biting your nails, or having beautiful hair because you leave it alone, or even just feeling good about being around people and liking who you are.

See what life would be like to just be you. No smoking, no overeating, no hiding, just having fun. Living longer, because you are taking the steps to help yourself, looking great, having more money and whatever else is part of your dreams, it just feels good from the inside out. Your family and friends are so happy and proud of you. You are PROUD of yourself.

Now, let’s imagine you decide that you are not ready, you don’t want to spend the money, how do you know it will work, what if you fail? Every time you think those thoughts, you squash your dreams and you take a step further away from being happy and healthy and free.

There are no guarantees in life, but I do know this, I was afraid like you were. Each time I took a chance, there was always that thought, what if I fail? How can I face it?

What happened was I got tired, tired of being afraid, too heavy and I wanted to marry my husband who would not marry a smoker (that is a story for later). And so what if I failed, if I did I would find a way to succeed.

Stop thinking about all the reasons why you are not worth taking a risk and START to remember ALL the REASONS why you are WORTH IT.

How does a Mortgage Banker become a Hypnotist?

First, let me explain why I believe in hypnosis. In 1987, my soon to be husband let me know that if I did not quit smoking, he was not going to marry me. He had been after me for a while and I would always smile and say I was going to quit, with really no intentions of quitting. When Tim, who I am still married to, said to me or cigarettes. I did have to think about it. I loved Tim, but my cigarettes? Everyone I worked with smoked, I liked smoking, though my body did not, I would be sick twice a year with Bronchitis, that would get worse each time. What about coffee without a cigarette, or a drink? After a good meal a cigarette was the best. And when I needed to lose weight, I would just smoke all day and not have to worry about eating. YES, I thought this way….insane!

So I decided that Tim was more important than cigarettes, but I knew that I could not do “cold turkey” and at that time they had those plastic fake cigarettes to help people quit. That was not going to work. I had heard about hypnosis and I had been researching the powers of the mind, and I decided to give it a shot. The guy was not able to see me and since I had to quit fast, he sold me a cassette. I listened to the Cassette and three days later, I was not smoking. Nothing. DID NOT MISS IT! The only thing I missed was something in between my fingers. I was done!

When I started to have panic attacks, I knew I did not want to go on medicines. A family member was also having OCD issues and I just had to find a way to help us all. In Prevention Magazine, there was a tiny article about hypnosis and getting rid of fears and phobias! Viola! I found my answer.

The next day I found a school that was just going to start training people to be hypnotists, and I signed up. Needless to say, 18 years later, I am still just in awe of how wonderful hypnosis works and how quickly changes can be made when you allow yourself to change.

Fun Facts About Kathy

I LOVE TREES! When I become a millionaire, I will be purchasing land for trees. I love them that much.

I also love to garden. I could be in my garden all day long and just watch the beauty of seeing the plants grow.

Every year, in our backyard, we have about 24 hummingbirds that come to feed. It is amazing how these little birds whiz on by!

As you can see, I am about nature…but I also love disco! Dancing, flashy clothes and bright colors are truly my thing! The more sparkle the better!!

A lot of people ask me if I hypnotize myself, the answer is yes. Of course I do! You have to not only walk the walk, you have to talk the talk. I sleep with myself! LOL! If you are a client or soon to be one, you will understand the joke.

Community Involvement

Former Board Member -Salvation Army of Charlotte


Advanced Certified Hypnotist from The Hypnosis School of New Jersey
Certified Train the Trainer from the National Guild of Hypnotist.
Certified Pediatric Hypnosis – Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis
Certified Pain Management – Paincertification.com
Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.

Teacher of Hypnosis

Dental Institute of New Jersey – Teaches Dentist and Dental Hygienist, Chiropractors and Massage Therapist Hypnosis to Calm the Anxious Patient, NLP and EFT for their CEU credits.

Kathy Lindert Your Favorite Hypnotist

I finally decided it was to quit smoking this past summer. After almost 15 years as a smoker, I knew this would be all but an easy task. Never been hypnotized, but after doing some research I discovered it's an extremely effective method for driving change. After a bit more research I discovered Kathy was the best around, so I made an appointment. I recently hit 6 months without a cigarette and it weirds me out how easy it's been. The desire to smoke has simply disappeared, and my addiction has yet to rear it's ugly head since meeting with Kathy.

The ability to change our ssubconscious beliefs is a life hack right under our noses that most of us continue to ignore. To be clear, I'm not the kind of person who just quits smoking with no issues, yet I quit smoking with no issues.

I intend to see Kathy again in the future for help with other issues, and would absolutely recommend others to do the same!

Chase F

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