Did you ever say to yourself, I wish I had started this or purchased something when you first thought of it?


How many times have you said, if I only had…started to exercise a year ago, or changed my diet, quit smoking, worked on getting over my fears, etc?

How much better you would be now?


You can start to take those steps to make your life better.  Even in the beginning of July.

July is a month of freedom and independence.


Why not start to break away from those things (your mental chains)

that are holding you back?


There is no better time than today to start working on making it happen.


Write down your excuses, then write down what you will gain.

Planting the seeds of change starts now.


Give yourself permission to make it happen, one step, one day, even one minute at a time.  You won’t regret it by starting now.

Want to learn more?


Start your journey NOW!





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🌺 From Excuses to Empowerment 🌺 Throughout my 19 years of experience, I’ve witnessed countless individuals longing for a fresh start, only to regret not taking action sooner. Remember, as the saying goes, “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.” While making excuses might seem logical, it only holds us back.


“Just like a seed needs water, fertilizer, and sunlight to grow, our desire for change requires action. Whether we seek weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence building, public speaking skills, abundance, or improved relationships, it all begins with planting the seed in our minds. Then, it’s time to embark on a journey of taking action, which often involves altering our behavior. Let’s acknowledge that change takes time, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it.”


I would love for you to try this and share your experiences.

Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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 I’m Kathy Lindert, your favorite hypnotist; I hope my story resonates with you.


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Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist 


Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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