Get ready to buckle up and drive.


July is over now, but let’s continue the conversation on how to become independent from your bad habits, thoughts, or even your self-talk.

This week’s message is about who is driving your minds car, you or the little you?  Are you looking out the windshield or the rearview mirror?

Who do you want in charge?  The older wiser you or the little you that is scared, angry or is trying to protect you but has no idea that you can protect them.

Why you continue to have these same fears, thoughts, or habits, and how to change them and get back the steering wheel in your life.

Let me tell you what I learned, even though I knew it, it was good to hear it again.

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Taking back your life, your journey can be scary if you don’t know how to drive.


But you know how to drive, you’ve been doing it, get ready, buckle up and let’s get going.


“The concept of being independent, according to Kathy Lindert, means addressing and taking care of the past but not allowing it to dictate the future. Seeking help, through therapy or hypnosis, is part of this process.”


Let me tell you what I learned, even though I knew it, it was good to hear it again.


Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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 I’m Kathy Lindert, your favorite hypnotist; I hope my story resonates with you.


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Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist 


Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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