Unleashing the Power of Change: Let’s Make Things Happen Together!



Been a while since I have written to you.  Like you, I sometimes need a break.  And like everyone else, I have also been working on bettering my life, health, and business.  Making changes, and really challenging myself to stick to it!

I would love to share with you how to help you stick to the changes you are also looking to make by doing this together.  It is more fun when you have people there to cheer you on, let’s cheer each other on!


Here is how you can make things happen.

Want to learn how to challenge yourself, here is the way to do it. 



In this video, I discuss the difficulties of making change and share personal experiences and strategies for success. I also emphasize the importance of connecting our thoughts and emotions to create lasting change.

I also highlight the significance of persistence, proactivity, and setting up a consistent routine to achieve our goals.


“Drawing from her own life, Kathy illustrates the challenge of maintaining healthy habits. She reveals the 10 to 21-day window necessary for habits to become automatic and shares her invigorating morning routine. Learn how she kickstarts her day”


Join me by Taking Proactive Steps to program the mind, body, and emotions for success. As part of my helping you to succeed, let me know what it is you will be changing and in return, I will send you something, a MP3, PDF, or something that will help you to make it happen!


You can also share this with others, they will thank you for it.


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Join me and Let’s Make Things Happen!



Together, we’ll celebrate each milestone, conquer challenges,

and create a vibrant community of growth and success.

I genuinely look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you.





Let me show you how!




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One last note:

If you could relieve stress and worry from your life, how would you feel? I am available to assist you in Embracing What you Need.

Remember, I’m Here For You,



Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist 


Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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