Conquering Fears: Blaze’s Story & The Fist Trick  Practical Hypnosis Techniques


I have two dogs, and one of my dogs gets so nervous when there is a chance of a thunderstorm, she will seek me out to hide and feel safe.

I know that in the past, when I would become fearful, I did not know how to stop those thoughts and my fears would get bigger and bigger, to the point where I was paralyzed with fear.  It sucks feeling that way, I know.


Let me teach you one of my favorite techniques to help you get out of your head and back in control.


What Blaze can’t do that you can.



When you stop letting fears control you and you realize that you have the power and will be able to help yourself, your confidence grows.


In this video, I discuss how my dog, Blaze, often hides under the desk when she’s scared, especially during thunderstorms, seeking protection. This behavior is a metaphor for how humans also deal with their fears. I’d like to share with you a technique I’ve come to rely on called the “fist trick” – a method I’ve used to cope with my personal fear of heights


“After these steps, you close both hands into fists, count to five quickly, and open them along with your eyes, symbolically releasing the fear or anxiety..”


I would love for you to try this technique and share your experiences.

Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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 I’m Kathy Lindert, your favorite hypnotist, and I hope my story resonates with you.


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Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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