What does Walt Disney have to do with Gratitude?


What does gratitude have to do with Walt Disney?  It definitely is not the pricing!

I was there for just 2 days and no hopper pass, and it was over $300.00.

Yet, even with the high priced ticket, I was grateful that I could be there to experience “Food and Wine” see the Magic Kingdom, go on rides, and I did this all by myself.

My husband had a conference and asked me if I wanted to go to Orlando?  I said my bags are packed, when are we leaving? Yes, I love Disney!

What I found the most magical part of Disney wasn’t the food, the rides are really cool, but it isn’t that either.  What I find the most fascinating is the imagination that was put into all of Disney.

Here was a man, with a dream of making a cartoon of a mouse famous. That dream took years, but once it started to make him money, he then looked into the future and saw a magical place that families could go on rides, learn stories and even DREAM BIG!

While Walt might not have been an angel, he definitely was a creator.  He saw his dreams, lived in those dreams, was grateful for what he had and made those dreams become reality.  He created a magical place!


Now you might think he was just lucky, he wasn’t.  He did not come from money either.  He really wasn’t much different than you and I.  His difference was in his
belief that his dreams were going to come true.


Here are two videos – because Disney is noisy and they both have really good messages.  Here is a man and is vision  and Look at what dreams can do.







When you realize that you have the power to make your visions, dreams, or goals come true, and know that being grateful and put your time and energy into it, anything is possible.

A Figment of your Imagination say, “Imagination from Just one Spark can make your dreams come true!”

“Kathy reflects on Walt Disney’s journey of creating Disneyland, emphasizing his persistence despite rejections and his dream of a magical place.”


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