Lose Weight Safely Through Hypnosis

Good to Great

The word “DIET” is such an evil word.  It means deprivation, no fun, and hunger.

Everyday, people try new ways to lose weight.  They use pills, drops, shakes, diet programs, exercise programs, you name it, and most people have done it.  People are willing to try almost anything, even surgery.  What they find however is that it doesn’t stick.

Maybe, you had lost the weight and then gained it all back and more.  Maybe, you are trying to lose the weight and you just can’t do it.  There are too many parties, functions, things to eat at work and the temptation is to strong, so you fail.

The real problem is that these programs don’t deal with the real issue, your thoughts.  You attitude towards food is important.  It makes or breaks you.  How you see food is very important. If you use food for comfort, to be a friend, something to get over the sadness, anger, loneliness, you are using food incorrectly.  Food is a fuel, it is not made to help you through the bad times. Its purpose is to fuel your body and to help your mind function properly.  What you put into your body is how it is going to react.  When you put bad food into your body, you body reacts poorly.  When you eat good, healthy, nutritious food, your body acts and reacts positively and functions at a much higher level.

Think of it this way, let’s say you started a new job and you are all excited.  There are new ways you are now going to work.  However, after a month, you get bored with the new ways and start sliding back into your old methods, not working so hard, taking longer breaks, etc.  So you start to do this with your new job.  The place might have changed, but your attitude did not.  No matter what you do, if you do not change these thoughts, your life will also be like that hamster wheel, moving but never going anywhere.

How I help you is to change your thoughts, rewriting your story.  You will start to feel good about the changes and understand why you are making them.  Your body is your only vehicle; why not treat it that way.  With care and love and maintaining it, like you would your car?

With my program we start to help you make these changes, easily and effortlessly.  You start to think about the outcomes and how great it is going to feel.  You become the author and when you start to write out your story, it becomes real.  Using more than one technique, together we figure out how to handle the stress, the tension, anger and whatever else comes up, and we do it without using food.  You start to see how food is a fuel and what fuels you really need to make your body happier and healthier as well as sexier too!  Isn’t that what we all want?

Weight loss hypnosis is a highly effective technique that has helped thousands of people to lose weight and keep it off for good. When we work together one on one, I show you how to handle things differently, I record it for reinforcement. I teach you the techniques as well, so that you can and will handle life differently.  If you cannot come in to see me, I have online courses that will help you and teach you how to change your thinking.  Or you can purchase my book and read it, again learning how you are now getting rid of the weight and changing your life.