So you want to quit smoking but you are afraid.  Afraid you will not do it, that something will set you off and you will go buy a pack of cigarettes.  Maybe it is the withdrawals that frighten you?  What about handling life?  Driving?  After meals?  There are so many things that you do with a cigarette, you are just not sure you can handle not smoking.  But what is the alternative?  Cancer?  Death?  Leaving your kids, spouse, pets with someone else to be with them?  What about the money you are wasting by smoking?  Ever figure out how much you’ve spent?  It is thousands of dollars, trust me, I know.  I was a smoker and when I figured out how much I spent, I was floored.  You need a little help and I would like to help you.   Here is a link to my YouTube channel that will show you a few quick tricks to help you realize, you can stop smoking!