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Weight loss for YOU in 2023!

Are you ready to finally get rid of the weight

and learn how to keep it off for life?


Changing your MINDSET will help you make this YOUR Reality!

Learn to changing your thinking and your habits to understand your relationship with food.

Starting  January 4th, 2023, we start together, learning how to understand the programs you have placed in your mind regarding food and we stop them, introducing wonderful new ways to fuel your body. 

By signing up , you will also get to join our 12 week LIVE Weight loss Program.  Pay for the membership by December 31st and get videos to help you start to lose weight now and a beautiful weight loss workbook to help starting today

Why Weight???

Beginning January 5th, 2023 for 12 weeks, you can either chose the morning sessions starting at 8:30AM*or 

the evening sessions starting at 6:30PM*. 

*All sessions will be recorded for reinforcement to review anytime you want.  *All times are Eastern Standard Time. 


**Limited to only 20 people per session.

My Program will help you eat “Mindfully instead of Mindlessly”.

When you are aware of the food you eat you can actually enjoy it more, because you are consciously aware of each bite. You will learn and become more aware of how your body feels when you are hungry or full. You will become a partner with your mind, stomach and body.

You will be able to eat your treats, and realize you only need two bites to feel satisfied.

No need to eat because you are sad, lonely, it’s there in front of you, you will be in control and feel happier because you are not Mindlessly eating  any longer.

Lose the weight and Keep it Off. Learn how  the way you speak to yourself sabotages your goals.

You will start to feel great about strengthening your body (we don’t call it exercise, it is strengthening instead).

Over the twelve weeks, you will get the support, learning new ways to handle food, get togethers, alcohol, strengthening your body and mind, what to do when you hit a plateau, and so much more.  You will learn that food is not a friend, but a fuel, and you will become your best friend.

Haven’t you tried enough diets to know that it’s your mindset that keeps on having you fail?

As a Bonus, enjoy a FREE month of our Maintenance Program to give you support.

Don’t want to wait till January to start losing weight? Sign up now and start receiving videos to help you before the start of 12 weeks to a better you online program!

New Jersey
February 29, 2016

Hello Kathy, There are a few things I need to say......
After struggling for most of my adult life, 5 months ago- pretty much to the day- I had a Hypnotherapy session with Kathy. There was some therapy, there was a little hypno, and there was a good amount of friendship and catching up (Kathy and I go back over 15 years), as Kathy equipped me with some tools to bolster my willpower. I will not explain to you what hypnosis is- she is the expert, not me- but if you have been hesitant to get hypnosis because of any negative connotation, then trust me when I tell you it is NOT what you think it is. This morning I had a check-up. After losing 35 lbs (exercise and eating like an intelligent human being, as opposed to a voracious animal) my blood work- (this is my doctors description)- is PHENOMENAL. According to my wife, my snoring- something I have had my entire adult life- is virtually non-existent (I assume my sleep apnea is likely gone as well). Best of all..... I have been on blood pressure meds for about 5 years; even on meds it is generally around 130/90, or higher. This AM the first time they took it was 100/80. I said there must be a mistake; they switched to my other arm and it was 110/70. Look- this is a journey, not a destination, and the true measure of success in this area will be played out over the next 5-10 years- but at least I got this far. SO- even though it seems like a pale measure of my incredible appreciation and respect for Kathy- on behalf of myself and all the people in my life who would like me to stick around for awhile- from the bottom of my heart, which is likely a lot healthier because of you, Thank you.... VERY MUCH!

Caldwell, NJ
February 29, 2016

Hi Kathy, Just a short follow up to let you know how I am doing. First I want to thank you for helping me change my life. Since my first visit to you in mid-JUNE 2012. I have shed almost 40 LBS. As a person who was heading for disaster. I have made several changes in my life. I no longer take insulin for my diabetes, I work out one hour a day six days a week, my blood pressure medicine has been reduced to half. I went from 80mg of a diuretic a day to 20 mg every other day. I have changed my eating habits. I no longer drink any soda,just ice tea and water. No more artificial sweeteners and no added salt. I listen to my cd you made for me every night. My family is so happy for me and proud of me for being able to do this. My weight has been an ongoing problem for many years, and I felt this was my last chance to get it right. I know that this has already given me additional time to live. I am working on a new wardrobe. I feel like a new person with so much more energy. Again thanks for your support. By the way my doctors are so pleased with my blood work Numbers are well within range. The nice thing about this, I really do not feel deprived of food. It really comes down to wise choices and quantities.Thanks again for helping me become the person I am now. Best wishes to my Favourite hypnotist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Jersey
February 29, 2016

Dear Kathy, I am doing really well, I have reached my first goal of losing five pounds. Been listening to your CD and it feels really good.I feel like I am in a really good place right now and I am achieving my goals.Thanks for all your help.  You are Great!

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The Benefits of Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis has been used in various industries for decades to help people create lasting change. The National Council of Hypnotherapists says that hypnosis affects the brain in an entirely different way than other therapies, making it an excellent weight-loss tool.

Here are just  some reasons why people are choosing to use hypnosis for weight loss:

  • It can help you reprogram your brain to stop sabotaging yourself. 
  • Break through your old  food cravings and habits, making changes in the way you handle life.
  • It can help you feel less deprived when changing your ways of eating.
  • It can help you understand hunger cues and cravings so you are in control.  

Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

 Why this Weight Loss Workshop? Your benefits for joining.

1.  You get weekly sessions and a weekly office hour that you can come and get the extra help you need. 

2.  Comfort of your own home.

3.  You get to use all the videos and recordings when you need them.  

4.  Learn how to deal with real life situations without eating.

5.  You will notice how much calmer, and in control you are of your habits and even your thoughts. 

6.  You learn how to become your best friend or even the boss of your mind and body. 

7. Changing the way you speak to yourself and understanding that what you say to YOU can Make You or Break you.  

More details:

All of these things that we will be working on are things that are going to be there for you for to use for the rest of your life. We will help you to avoid self-sabotage, and get fitter, trimmer, stronger and stay healthy.  You are worth this! This is YOUR TIME to make things happen.  

Remember, I’m Here For You,


Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist 


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