Stop Smoking with Hypnosis – Quit Smoking for Good

When You Quit Smoking with Hypnosis…

  • Your breath will be fresher
  • Your clothes and home will not smell like an ashtray
  • You will save money otherwise spent on cigarettes
  • You will not need to stand out in the rain or cold to have a smoke
  • You will be able to be more active without getting winded
  • You can be more productive in your work and personal life
  • You should live a longer, healthier life!
  • You will have more money to spend on you!

Kathy’s Stop Smoking Program Helps You Like It Has Helped Thousands of Other Smokers Quit. For Good.

You could be a non-smoker in just one hypnosis session! Kathy Lindert is a fully certified hypnotist for smoking. She will look at where, when and why you smoke, then help you change how you think about smoking. She won’t treat smoking as an addiction but as an unhealthy behavior that can be changed.

Hypnosis for smoking helps change the way you think and helps you to change your behavior! While some smoking cessation methods help you build up resistance and strength to overcome the desire for a cigarette, hypnosis is designed to eliminate the desire itself. You won’t feel that you are sacrificing something; you will feel happy to be rid of your smoking habit. You won’t need to worry about willpower. What a great position to be in! Stop smoking with hypnosis!

How Does Hypnosis for Smoking Work?

In hypnosis, you will tell yourself (your subconscious) that smoking is a negative behavior that you want to end and that you want to replace with healthier activities. You will not replace smoking with another unhealthy behavior like overeating or nail biting. You should feel no stress or anxiety from losing cigarettes.

You will be surprised how EASY it is to achieve your goal! Make it happen when you stop smoking with hypnosis

To make you even more successful, you will also be given a personalized reinforcement recording of your session.

***Actual results will vary per person.

Are You Ready to Become a Non-Smoker?

Thinking about hypnosis for smoking? Are you ready to become a Non-Smoker? Quit smoking with hypnosis! We look forward to helping you. Individual and group hypnosis sessions are available.