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What a game it was!

I am not a big baseball fan but last night we watched the last game of the World Series. Not knowing either team,I decided to cheer on the Kansas City Royals.The decision was based purely on the team's name. 

What I saw while watching the game was two teams driven to succeed, to give it all they had and even more. I saw teammates cheering each other on and even when they struck out, giving each other a tap on the shoulder to say it was okay. I really wanted both teams to win, but I think they already had.

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There will always be a winner and a loser.

These two teams showed everyone watching that they were not going to give up! They were giving it their all till the last inning. 

Isn't this how we need to live–to live life and not give up? I recently worked with a couple for weight loss. We did two separate sessions because they each blamed the other for overeating. What ended up happening was the husband did much better than the wife, as most men do. Men just lose the weight faster; it's a fact. The wife was so angry, she gave up! I asked her why, and she said "because it isn't fair, he won". So she quit! What she forgot is that the weight did not come on in a day, so why think that she will change in one day?

She will never succeed, because when the chips are down, she will always think it is not fair and quit.

She will never give herself the chance to fight a battle, big or small, to find out how much better it is to win!


So what's the in-between?

The in-between is the time you get to figure things out, to talk to yourself and tell yourself "don't give up!"

The in-between is deciding what it is going to take to win: the plan, the challenge, the work and the victory. 

That's what winners do: make the time, change the plan, adjust the time frame and continue on the path towards the goal. Winners don't see it as not fair, they see it as "I have to do it better". 


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If the Kansas City Royals had won…  

If the Kansas City Royals had won, the message would still be the same. The other team worked harder, played better and did what was needed to win the World Series.I am sure that they went home, felt bad about losing, some might have even cried and that is okay. Because when a dream doesn't come true, it can break your heart. 

                Be a winner!
          Make it happen NOW!
That's right – be a winner – make it happen now.

The difference will be that in a few days, they will get back on that field, practice harder, know that taste of victory and start their dream all over again.

Just because they did not win the Series does not mean they did not win.They did.They found out who they are, how strong and determined they can be, and now they will use that knowledge to keep on going.

Just like my client…she needed to have a good cry, pick herself up and start all over again. She was winning her own race, she just didn't bother seeing it. She was too busy comparing herself to everyone else instead of seeing her own finish line.

Look at your own race.You might find you are already a winner! I know I am and I am never giving up! There's too much to look forward to!

So get out there and have a GREAT DAY!

Your favorite Hypnotist,
Kathy Lindert 


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*** Actual results will vary per person.