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Why do new year resolutions fail?


Every year people all over the world make resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise, make more money, be happier, etc. And every year millions of people never reach their resolutions.

The question is: Why? Why do people not meet their expectations? Why does more than 20% of the population not make it through the first week and over 60% give up after three months?

They all have good intentions and dreams, but why can't they see them through?

What are you looking to achieve?

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Goal Setting Tips

The real reason is the WHY!

When people ask themselves why they really want to make these resolutions, they start to understand why they are important to them.  What will be the benefits of obtaining these goals? Then resolutions become goals. They can then start to make plans. There is a reason, a picture, and an end result that they can see in their minds.   

When you make a new year resolution, you resolve to do something; however there's no plan.  You are just making a statement.  Anyone can resolve to do something, but without a plan, you have no direction.There's no substance to it. That's why it doesn't last.

How are you getting to your gaols?


Why I don't make new year
 resolutions – instead I do a Life Plan

In the past I used to make resolutions. I would resolve to lose the weight, make more money, go on more vacations. I had a great list of what I was going to do. Except I had no plan. There was no action plan, no direction on how to get there. Nothing! And every year I would be disappointed because I didn't reach my resolution. Then on January 1, I would start all over again. 

I was living Albert Einstein's Theory of Insanity.

 Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! This would correctly describe my actions!  

New Year Resolutions

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When you make a plan, whether it is a Life Plan or a Yearly Plan, you're taking action.   

Writing down what you are looking to achieve and how you will achieve it starts the ball rolling in the right direction. When you write down why you want to achieve these goals, it gives the goals a life of their own. It gives you motivation as well as a road map to get to your destination.

When you write something down and it comes from the heart and mind – it becomes yours! 

See it, believe it and be it!

Make it happen NOW!
That's right – be a winner. Make it happen now! 

And since it is now written down, you can go back, review it, adjust it, and still make it a part of you. When you review your plan, your goal, and what you did every day, that's what makes it happen! 

There is no reason why you cannot start  your plan today.  Make it your goal to write down the why's, the plan. Own it, believe in it and make it your best year ever!

So get planning and have a GREAT YEAR!

Your favorite Hypnotist,
Kathy Lindert



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*** Actual results will vary per person.