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Lately I have been seeing a lot of people who are looking to give up things that have been hurting them physically or emotionally. However, many of them truly fear the change. They worry that what they know—even if it is bad for them—makes them able to cope with life. They justify the bad person, thing or habit as being what anchors them or helps them.

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For instance, someone justifies smoking because it makes it easier to for him to cope with stress. Or someone doesn't work to lose weight because she is afraid she won't be able to cope with the challenges.

Everyone has the desire to be happy, healthy or successful in some way. What happens when we deny our desire? We give up; we lose hope and even the drive and the determination to move forward. Or do we make new desires—health, money, happiness—become our desires?duck
Every once in a while, I lose my desire. That is not really true. I always have a desire to do great things; I lose my confidence or courage to continue with my desire. There have been times that I made bad choices, and when that happened I second-guessed my ability to make the right choices. Sometimes I gave up because of my lack of faith in ME. I still dreamed of the desire, but I didn't have the same drive I did because I made a mistake.

When that happens, I have to make it all change.

When the Stakes are high, that's when you learn what you really desire!

A few years ago I changed from being a mortgage banker to a hypnotist. Talk about a change!  But the biggest thing that I had to do is to get clients to succeed. I still had bills coming in, and no money coming in.  My stakes were really high.   Not only was I giving up a salary, but the security of a job.  I had to make this work and I wanted to make it work too! With that as my motivator I went out with adesire to succeed!  And nothing, nothing was going to get me down.   

Make your desire your life!   

What is your true desire? How do you make that desire a reality?  You can wish for it, but wishing doesn't make it come true.  You could dream about it but dreaming doesn't make it real. What you need to do is make a plan.  You just need a plan and a strong desire to make it happen. dumble

For instance, let's say you want to be healthier and fitter.  Make a plan for what you will do to make it happen, and here's the catch…see it, feel it and then you can believe it to be real.  I even take pictures from magazines and make a vision board so that when I see it, it becomes real! I own those pictures to be true and then I set out to accomplish my desire.      

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Stop making excuses why you can't have something and make a plan for how to get it!

There are some words that are true failure words.  When you use these words, you are almost guaranteed that you won't make it! Words like "try, can't, won't, would, should or could" all help you to not make your desires become reality.

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Changing your language will also help you get on your way.  Make a list of positive words that make you feel and act empowered…then use them! Phrases like "I can, I will, I want, I deserve and I desire" all make you feel better, stronger and able to do it!

So make a plan, make your vision board, use powerful words, make your desires your driving force and learn how to really live! 

Now go out and have a great day!

Your favorite Hypnotist,

Kathy Lindert  

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*** Actual results will vary per person.