Bye, Bye sucky attitude


What do you do when you’re in a sucky mood?

Last week was not a great week for me.  I found out that I had to get an implant removed from my mouth and that my jaw bone was suffering pretty significant bone loss in the area of the implant.  In other words, my body was rejecting the implant.

Needless to say, I was not happy and when they told me how the procedure might take place, I was thinking of the pain, the discomfort and I was so pissed off and in a sucky mood every time I thought about it, I could feel my body just tense up, especially in my shoulders.

Finally my husband Tim said , I know you are pissed off about this procedure, but can’t you hypnotize yourself to relax.

Of course I could and he knew it too.  I was just in that pissed off, sucky frame of mind, that I was having a tough time shaking it off.

Then I said my favorite three words – F* That Sh*t!  and I went to work. (if you are a client, you know what I mean!)


I reframed the way it was going to happen, how easy it was going to be, no big drills, or making my brain shake, no drugs to knock me out, I saw it all clearly and how good I felt after it was done.

You know what happened? 

It happened JUST LIKE I PICTURED IT!  I told that staff, I told the DR.  I told everyone what was going to happen.   They all smiled and said, let’s hope it does, and then when it was over, they all said, you knew it!

I did know it, because I planned it to happen that way.

Want to learn how to reframe things?   Bye, bye sucky thoughts! Hello Reframing!



When you allow outside events, or even people to hijack your mind and body and even your attitude, you lose!

Take back the control, step out of your own bad mood, or whatever it is that you are going through and reframe it!
Smile when you see the end, because it shows your mind and body you are happy, and that is what it will achieve!
If I can do it, you can too!

“Kathy introduces us to her innovative “reframing technique,” a method where she mentally reconstructs her expectations, turning dread into anticipation for a simpler, less invasive procedure. .”


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Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist 


Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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