I have realized that I have been using a certain word so that I don’t have to do things that make me exercise.


Every time I use this word, I just do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I have been using this word and not even realizing that this word had this much power.


Now it is not the normal “failure” words that I have shared with you before, no, I know those words.

Instead, I have tricked myself with a new word.  I now laugh when I say it, and I sometimes say to my mind, really, you going to try that again.  Now I do not let that word get the better of me.

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Want to have prompts to help you recognize your limiting beliefs and start taking steps to make things happen?

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Welcome to my world of transformation and empowerment! I’m Kathy Lindert, your favorite hypnotist, and in this video, I am thrilled to share this remarkable video with you. Together, we’ll explore the prevailing trend of excuses and how they can hinder our personal growth. Join me as I reveal the truth behind summer break excuses and uncover why this season is the perfect time to make positive changes in our lives.


“Take a moment to assess your own excuses. Are they truly justified, or are they merely limiting beliefs? Identify the seeds you want to plant and start sowing them today. Don’t allow the passing seasons to become a perpetual cycle of excuses. It’s time to decide what truly matters and take action now.”


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Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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Kathy Lindert, Your Favorite Hypnotist

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