Stress Relief Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you reduce stress & take care of yourself

Stress Relief HypnotistStress is the body’s natural reaction when presented with an overwhelming situation. It is intended to protect and support the body. The human body is constantly adjusting to its surroundings, trying to maintain balance. When a physical or mental event threatens this balance, the body reacts in either “fight” or “flight” mode.

We have so many different types of stresses to deal with nowadays that our bodies and minds can just go into overdrive until we finally collapse.

This collapse could be physical, mental or a combination of both. Our bodies give out and we succumb to stress-related illnesses or addictions. For some, this stress can lead to overeating, drinking or taking drugs. The illnesses and/or addictions then become the focus of our lives rather than learning how to deal with the stress.

We all have stress in our lives; how we handle the stress (and what we allow to cause us stress) determines the quality of our lives.

I want to change how I deal with stress – How does hypnosis for stress relief work?

  • Hypnosis for Stress ReliefWe would discuss what causes stress in your life and how you handle that stress. What would you like to change about that stress?
  • We would look at what unwanted, unhealthy behaviors you are now using to cope with the stress and what affects they are having on your body and your life.  
  • We would then discuss new behaviors that could replace the less healthy ones, such as exercising more, sleeping soundly, or seeing solutions to challenges easily and quickly.

Once you have identified better behaviors and you feel confident that the changes can happen, we would start to make the changes through hypnosis.

I would also teach you “self hypnosis” to help you recall a state of relaxation when needed, and provide you with other tools that would help you adjust to the “new you”.  You will also leave with a personalized CD to help reinforce the new behaviors.

*** Actual results for stress relief will vary per person.

Start to live less stressed with hypnosis for stress relief.  YOU DESERVE IT!  

Start to alleviate your feelings of stress with hypnosis, call Kathy Lindert certified stress relief hypnotist today, start your new, stress free life!