5 Days – an hour each day to Quit Smoking


5 Days, and hour each day, to help you Quit Smoking.  Chose the morning sessions or the evening sessions.  Access to live webinar and video recordings, handouts, and other methods to help you quit smoking for good!

January 2022 sessions start on January 10th either 7AM or 7PM.  Please chose a time that works best for you.


Quit Smoking by yourself can be hard.  We have the solution.  5 days, and hour each day, virtual sessions to help you with your doubts, fears, cravings and learning how to live without cigarettes is just some of the things you will learn.  Using hypnosis to change your mindset it the way to make it all stick.

You will be able to watch the videos any time, use the handouts to keep you motivated and listen to the hypnosis recording (not while driving) to reinforce your new methods and make you feel great! Stronger and more Confident, that will be you!

Chose what time is best for you – Mornings are 7AM OR Evenings at 7PM.  Each session is approximately one hour, so set the time aside for you to be successful and Quit Smoking For GOOD!

Sign up today and let’s make this happen!

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Five Days

January Evening Session, December Morning Session, December Evening Session, January Morning Session