Sports Performance

Get out of the slump & back in the game

Ask yourself:

  • Do you perform better in training than the big game?
  • Have you ever frozen or ‘zoned out’ when it matters most?

You have probably heard the famous quote before, sports performance is:

“90% mental and 10% physical”

Professional athletes have known this for decades. They achieve their goals because they have a positive attitude that they WILL succeed.  They tell themselves that they can thrive and  visualize themselves achieving their goal.

Sports PerformanceYou could train constantly, but if your mind is not in the right place, it can hold you back every time.

When the pressure is on many athletes and sports people fail to perform. They suffer not from lack of skill or technical knowledge.  What really affects their performance is negativity, mental blocks, panic attacks or focusing too much on past mistakes.

What’s holding you back?

Our mind can have a big impact on our body and how we feel.  If you have a negative attitude about your ability to perform, this will have an affect on you physically.

When you are positive and free from negative thoughts, your body is better equipped to achieve your sports goals!

Sports performance isn’t achieved through physical skill alone.  Just as you would spend time developing yourself physically, if you want to achieve your maximum potential as a sports person, you must also learn the mental skills to become a champion athlete!

What are the mental skills used by champion athletes?

Successful athletes know that they must train their mind as well as their body, some common types of mental training include:

  • Guided Imagery
  • Visualization
  • Self Mastery

These skills combined help you block out negative thoughts and focus on achieving your goals.  With mental training from The Mental Edge, you can increase your sports performance and become the athlete you want to be!


Mental Training to Increase Sports Performance

At The Mental Edge, we have helped thousands of athletes, students, public speakers and corporate salespeople to overcome their fears and increase performance in their field.

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