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Increase Your Performance at Work With Mental TrainingWhether you are selling to one person or speaking in front of 100, anxiety can affect all of us. Whether it’s Public speaking, Sales Performance, or Team Building, our thoughts play a big part in how we feel, which has a big impact on our work performance.

Even the most confident sales people and public speakers can suffer from anxiety or negative thoughts that hold them back.

Fear of Public Speaking affects 3 out of 4 people 

Without realizing it many of us develop negative thoughts towards public speaking or certain corporate settings.  These negative thoughts can be reinforced though avoidance, or other ‘coping strategies’.

Over time the fear can become so strong that our minds perceive public speaking to be a threat, and the fight/flight response kicks in.  When this happens our negative thoughts have an affect on the rest of our body. Public speaking anxiety can prevent people from progressing in their career, or achieving the things they want to.

With the right mental strategies you can block the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back.

Achieve your fulL potential, in any presentation, sales pitch or corporate setting

Though self mastery and guided imagery training you can learn the skills you need to combat these fears.

Tips to reduce public speaking anxiety

Start the day with exercise Exercise is a known & proven method for relieving stress, anxiety & tension.   Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts before public speaking, exercise floods your body with ‘serotonin’, known for making us happy and positive. You don’t need to go to the gym. Anything you can do to raise your heart rate will help. A walk in the fresh air will put you in a positive mind set. You’ll be prepared for the feelings of stress and anxiety anyone would feel before a public performance.

Change the way you think  The more you think negatively, or that you can’t cope, the more your mind and body will react.  Instead of thinking about what could go wrong and filling yourself with anxiety, change the way you think by focusing on positive thoughts instead. For example:

Negative Thought: I feel like I’m going to faint

Positive Thought: I’ve felt like this before and never fainted. It’s natural for my body to feel like this.

When you feel anxious, stop and think about what you are saying to yourself.  Change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. You will feel less anxiety and more confident. Don’t let your thoughts affect your performance at work. Learn the mental training skills to achieve your goals!


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