Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical – Yogi Berra

Achievement, peak performanceIn nearly every competitive arena, the best performers all have comparable levels of ability. For athletes, they are strong, fast, skilled, and fit. Still, every sport has performers who reach a level above their competition.  The difference between being the best of the best and the rest of the pack is the way the best performers approach the situation they are cast in. Elite performers overcome the mental pressures of a tough game, test, or corporate project. They embrace the pressure and the importance of the occasion.

How can non-elite people improve these skills and get to the elite level? The answer is by improving the mental skills required for their chosen field.

The mental qualities required for elite performance are:

  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Controlling emotions
  • Exuding Confidence
  • Staying mentally alert
  • Approaching each task with a positive outlook

The Mental Edge uses several approaches to get our clients in the right frame of mind to achieve the success that most people want but fewer think they can attain.

  • Visualization – Is a technique that uses the imagination to create visions of what we want out of a situation and how to make them happen.  Combined with focus and emotion it can be a powerful, creative tool to help us achieve our highest goals. – Learn More
  • Self Mastery – Realizing the best of yourself and having confidence in your own abilities to achieve any goal. Internalizing positive affirmations for confidence and serenity when performing stressful tasks. Learn More
  • Guided Imagery – Is a mild but potent technique that focuses and directs the imagination in proactive, positive ways. It can be as simple as a batters 10-second musing just before stepping into the batter’s box in the ninth inning of a close and important game. Or it can be as complex as imagining the hectic but focused frenzy of millions of immune cells, on a search and destroy mission to wipe out cancer cells. – Learn More