Our Methods

Visualization, Self Mastery and Guided Imagery


Whether on the field, in the classroom or in the boardroom, being mentally prepared toMental Edge handle the task at hand is every bit as important as being physically and intellectually prepared.

You are physically prepared when you are in optimum physical shape for the task at hand. For athletes, physical preparedness depends on the sport. For students and professionals it can mean being in robust health and well rested.

Intellectual preparedness deals with knowing all you need to know and then some. A quarterback who knows where his receivers will be without looking is prepared. If he knows the nuances of the opposing defense he is prepared. For students, being optimally familiar with the subject matter is being prepared. For a professional or executive, knowing the answer to any question that may be posed and ready to give information that may not even be asked for is being prepared.

Mental preparedness is achieved when you are convinced in mind and spirit that success is achievable and expected. It’s the quarterback who throws a ball to a spot on the field before he finds his receiver. He knows the receiver and the defense and he knows the receiver will be open at that spot. It’s the student who goes through a major test not once second guessing whether an answer to a previous question was right or wrong. It’s the confident, upbeat executive who presents a case with confidence and authority.

The Mental Edge is in the business of getting our clients mentally fit for the arena in which they participate. We use four methods to achieve results. Click the tabs below to learn more about each.

Visualization is a powerful tool used by champion athletes, public speakers & academics worldwide. Through visualization you can achieve the focus & motivation you need to achieve your end goal.

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Guided Imagery helps to clear your mind so you can focus on your goals & desires.  Through guided imagery you can learn to let go of the debilitating tension, anxiety & self-doubt that is holding you back. Unlock your full potential with guided imagery!

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How you think has a big impact on how you perform, if you believe you’re going to miss a hit in baseball, that’s probably going to have an affect on your performance. Changing the way you think about your sport, public speaking or taking your next test can have a big affect on the end result.  Learn to change the way you think with self mastery!

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