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Determination. According to Webster's Dictionary, the meaning is:

  • a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult,
  • the act of finding out or calculating something,
  • the act of officially deciding something.

How cool would it be to be determined every day—to look at each day with a spark in your eye that shows everyone you're determined to finish your goals, to have a great day, to exercise, to clean up your life, to be confident?
Just thinking about it makes me want to go do something!


What are you detemined to do?

Determination to AchieveDetermination can be used for good or for evil! 

Think about it. You can be determined to exercise three times a week or you can be determined to make another person's life miserable!  

Both have the same drive and energy—(okay, to make a person's life miserable could take more energy)—however the concept is still the same. You have decided to officially do something.   

What are you determined to do and how?  

Once you have decided what you are going to do, you then have to make an action plan. Your first decision is just the spark to light the fire; you now need to fuel the fire to keep it going. How will you achieve these goals?  What will you do if you hit a road block or a detour?  How will you handle it?  

When you really are determined to do something, you will come up with solutions. Just like a child does when learning to walk. He will fall and bump his head, he will even cry, but these setbacks will not stop him from walking. They might slow the child down a bit, but he will get up and start all over again the next day.

Be like that child and get up and keep on moving forward.


Remember – what you say to yourself is how you will act and react to life.  

Determination to Be Healthy

Increase Your Determination & Improve Your Life

Whether you want to lose weight or to just be healthy,
if you want to imrove your determination, you need to have a plan of action.  This is what will get you moving & maintain your determination from start to finish. 

Think about the things that make you feel good.
 How you will start to feel when you are on the path to achieving your goal?  
When you are determined, obstacles become just bumps in the road.
 You have a definite finish line to reach and your determination will help you to win. 


Kathy Lindert Certified Hypnosist

Years ago, I was determined to show people that hypnosis was a technique to help them succeed, not to take away their power, and to increase their knowledge and empower them to see the true strength within their minds. 

With determination anyone can make their dream, goals and passions come true. 

Have a great day!  Remember – what you believe is what you will conceive.

Make it a great one! 

Kathy Lindert

Your Favorite Hypnotist! 

Advanced Hypnosis Counseling, LLC


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*** Actual results will vary per person.