Visualize a win !

On Sunday night, people watched the Mets lose to the Kansas City Royals. It was an exciting series and had those who enjoy baseball on the edge of their seats each game. The thing I noticed, being a hypnotist, is how the body language and the facial expressions showed the true emotions of these players. Now, I am not a Mets fan, I am a Yankees fan, but my husband is a Mets fan, so being a "Good Wife", I cheered for the Mets. When they were up, they were on the mark, ready to hit, swing and catch. However, when they made one mistake, the whole team just went down with the ship! I wanted to jump into the screen and hypnotize them to stop, to get up and win! It was amazing to me how I could see the difference in the team and their spirit.That's why we are going to change that type of behaviour in YOU!

Stop visualizing the negative and visualize the positive! 

nov1One of the things I remind people of every day is that "This is YOUR LIFE!" It is not a game, where others have the power to make you move or do things you don't want to do. You have a choice—a choice to be your own author of your story! 

What will you picture for your life?Couple in a vineyard

Now I do understand that we all have bosses, and children, spouses and family members who can throw things our way, like fear, doubt, self-pity, etc.I also know all about obligations, bills, mortgages, and other things that need to be paid for every day.I also know that it is my attitude that makes the difference in how I will handle these things called life. I can be a doom and gloomer, feeling bad for myself, wanting to stay in bed and not face the world, or I can have a great big pity party and really make myself feel like there is no way out. OR I can say, "I will do this!" I will take this one step or one day at a time, visualizing how I will get to the next step, or the next place and NOT ALLOWING my FEAR to RULE ME! Fear is an emotion, it is not a real thing. We have the "Fight or Flight" instinct embedded in our DNA. It is there to protect us from predators, not in-laws, or children or bills.

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So here is a simple technique to help you get in control of your thoughts and your life! Give yourself a moment, close your eyes, and as you sit or lie down, start to picture you being happier, smiling. See solutions start to come to you – or make a decision to not own other people's junk.See yourself looking at them with sympathy, knowing that you do not own their stuff any longer and that you feel bad for them. See money coming to you, see your bills being paid, and give it up to either God or the Universe to find the way to make it happen. Then just relax. When you open your eyes, you will feel lighter. You will have a new type of energy. You will start to see solutions and opportunities and you can then move toward those new ways of living. 

Do this as a gift to yourself everyday!  You will be amazed how your life will change.  

Make each day your gift!


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