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Last week my oldest son graduated from Rutgers University. It was amazing  to see how many students achieved their goals of graduating.  a1The most interesting part of the graduation ceremonies were the stories of courage from the speakers.  Ex-Governor Tom Kean spoke about working together, seeing the other side of the story and about how when you get to know a person and his ideals, you can come together for the common good. When you have the courage to reach across the table and really get to know another person, it is amazing how much can get done. The other speaker, Eric  LeGrand, the former Rutgers student who became paralyzed in a football game accident, spoke of his courage to keep on going—to never give up—explaining how it was to see and appreciate the people around him who cheered and gave him the success to succeed. Another student told about how he failed an AP exam and didn't think he was good enough until another teacher showed him he was.  The stories can go on and on and on, however they all have one thing in common: COURAGE! 

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This past weekend we remembered those that served and showed the ultimate in courage. 

Our nation is the best place on earth to live.  You have so many opportunities and you get to voice your opinion freely.  This weekend  we honored those that had served and are still serving to ensure our freedom. 

a2We owe it to not only ourselves, but to those that sacrificed their lives, to be courageous in the face of fear. Being courageous doesn't mean you have to fight a battle; it could mean that you did something that was right to do and were not afraid of what others thought.  That is courage. 

Down deep inside, everyone has courage.

When you are going to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is courage that gets you through it.a3

You have the courage to change. You have the courage to walk away.  You have the courage to say you're worth it.  You have the courage to make your life better.  You have the courage to believe in your dreams. You have the courage to learn, dance, speak up, and improve your life's situation.   The difference is that those who succeed use the courage they have to get something done.

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Mohammad Ali and Couragea5

Mohammad Ali was an amazing boxer.  He would talk about himself as if he were the ultimate fighter.  Because he believed in himself so much, he was able to beat his opponents, with his words helping his belief in the outcomes. Even if he was afraid, he talked a good game.  He was quoted one time saying that if he kept on saying how great he was,  everyone would believe him, even himself!  Now that is some great self-talk.  

So the question I have for you is this: How are you going to talk to yourself?  Will you allow courage to help you to change?  Being courageous doesn't mean that you are going to change the world.  Being courageous means that you take one step forward and stop looking backward, accepting that the knowledge you learned from the past will help you to continue to grow as you move forward. 

Start today by being courageous, strong and confident.  Know that you can do whatever you set your mind to do. If you believe it, you can achieve it!

So get out there and have a great day!a6

Your favorite Hypnotist,

Kathy Lindert  

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