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Can The News Affect Your Health?  

Have you noticed a change in your health or your outlook on life? 

(This has been one of the most difficult articles I have written.Not because anything bad has happened to me or my family or friends.It's been difficult because it is true. When something is uncomfortable, hurts, or makes us feel bad, it is human nature to stay away, to avoid the pain or bad feelings.This is what this article has done to me; it has made me feel uncomfortable so I  avoided writing it.I really wanted to show everyone how the "news" can affect us emotionally and physically, and here's proof—I avoided writing this article.Even for me, a person who knows what to do, how to change thoughts and emotions to help myself and others succeed, this had its effect on me.Now let's do something about this! No more running, hiding, avoiding or ignoring! )

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kathy1As a hypnotist, I tell everyone who comes to  my office that the last thing you read, heard, or saw on TV  is what your mind works on.  If you watch TV before going to bed and it is sad or unsettling, that is what your mind and body will work on. Don't let me forget to add to that mix: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media.

With so many things happening around the world, it is almost next to impossible not to see the destruction, the lives lost, the bad things happening all around us. And no one gives solutions, only the bad news.

Now I know that news sells and bad news sells even more, but why are we like moths to a light only to get zapped with the news?    

a2We are bombarded with pictures, negative words and opinions.  What do we do with all this information?



Everywhere you look, there is some sort of "bad news" being reported about wars, terrorists, diseases, tragedies involving planes, trains, cars…you name it, we hear about bad news in a nano-second!

How do we "not own" what is happening and yet stay aware of what is happening?

I find that if you listen to the news in the morning, you have time to process it, to talk about it, to release the stress and concerns you have regarding the news. 

 If you listen to it before you go to sleep, your mind doesn't have time to process it and to let it go.  What ends up happening is you have a bad night's sleep, plus your body stays on "high alert" all night long. The result is a tired body that is also in fight or flight mode. Not a good way to start the day. 

flowerTo be or not to be – that is the question.

To be informed is a good thing; you are more aware of the world and the changes around you. To not be informed is also sometimes a good thing; you don't have the negative news swirling around in your mind. 

Here's the bottom line: you cannot avoid it, unless you live on an island with no means of communication.  But that's not reality. 


b3To be informed and to understand how to deal with it is to me a bit like being prepared for a fire.  You know what to do, you might even practice at work or with your family at home, so everyone knows what to do to get out and where to meet so they can be safe. 

The same thing can apply to the news: I can acknowledge the conflicts or the other challenges that are happening; I can then decide if I need to practice getting out for my safety or if I just need to file it away as information I might need, or simply trash it. If I want to, I can throw it away because in reality, it has no bearing on me or my family. 

What is happening is sad and unsettling and there are times we need to raise our voices to let those in charge know that this is not acceptable, or that we need to help. Sometimes even writing to a congressman or woman, or sending donations to those in need can help you remove the stress or sadness you are feeling. Or just pretend to throw it away, delete it from your brain, so you can move on with the rest of your day.

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Time to take back you time and your life and HEALTH!

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to not watch the nightly news, but instead read a good book or watch a funny show. I love the "Big Bang Theory". Or you can continue to do the same thing you are doing, and think you will get different results, which is Albert Einstein's theory of insanity!

Don't internalize and obsess about bad news! Go outside, enjoy nature, have fun with friends, do activities that make you feel good about yourself.  And if needed, write letters, do something to make this world a better place – one moment at a time. 

So get out there and have a great day!

Your favorite Hypnotist,
Kathy Lindert 

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