mentaledgellc.com  is the new name and your new home for change! 

So here's a toast to us! You have been a part of my journey and I thank you for helping me to grow.

As to those who like to copy me, thank you as well. You have pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and now I will continue to make new in-roads and help more people succeed. 


It is an exciting time and it is a little scary too. Just like when you decided to change, it was exciting and scary because of the unknown. I know that no matter what, I will succeed. It's what I do; I take a challenge and I go full steam ahead for the win. I might stumble and fall, but I will pick myself back up. Just like you, I will not give up or give in and if I need help, I know that I will get it. 

So let's make this our way to make changes together.  

Remember that life is a gift, a present to open to discover all the opportunities and possibilities waiting there just for you!




october5Expect new and fun things from my website as well as from the newsletters. I am seizing this opportunity to make things even better and I look forward to sharing this with you. I will send out an email letting you know when it is finished. I look forward to your comments, it will help me to make things better for you and others as well.

Make each day your gift!



Kathy Lindert – Your Favorite Hypnotist!