Quit Smoking

How to Fix Yourself for Good – Stop Smoking



For less than a pack of cigarettes, you will develop the ability to quit smoking. Using the proven scripts and techniques this book provides, you will be able to record a customized message and hypnotize yourself in the privacy of your own home, for a fraction of the cost of a private hypnosis session. YOU will be telling your subconscious that you can and will stop smoking. This book also includes helpful suggestions for learning how to change your perceptions about smoking. For example: “Are cigarettes really your friend?”
Reinforce your positive, life-changing messages by listening to your recording whenever you like. Tell yourself—and really believe it this time—that you can be a non-smoker! You CAN and you WILL quit smoking and conquer the obstacles in your life. Why wait? Begin your new life today!




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Kathy Lindert


Learn The Top 3 Mind Tricks I Use With My Clients To Help Them Quit Smoking Without Using Food As A Substitute

Kathy Lindert has helped thousands of people quit smoking without patches, drugs, vaping or nicotine gum. Using techniques that will help your mind understand that you no longer want nor need to smoke and stop sabotaging yourself using these new behaviors will help you to stay a non-smoker without feeling anxious and deprived because you will discover the psychological reasons behind your smoking.

Kathy, an ex-smoker herself, explains in detail how to handle the cravings and shows how to handle situations when temptation becomes too strong, so you continue to remain smoke-free. Kathy discusses how your false beliefs that cigarettes are your friends as well as cigarettes relieve stress aren’t true. Kathy shows you how to handle boredom, stress, alcohol, coffee and other triggers that sabotages efforts to stop smoking, and the main reasons for failure.

With Kathy’s proven methods, you will be throwing away your cigarettes for good, helping you to save money, and not packing on the pounds.

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